Recording of “Icebreaker” update #4

It’s been a while since the last update, we are now happy to say that the recording process of our new album is done. We have already started the mixing process of the songs a few weeks back. This result as you already notice that the release of “Icebreaker” will be postpone to 2015, and this don’t necessary have to be bad news. This is simply the result of us as a band have recorded and produced and mix the entire album all by ourself, just the way we want it. This means that we can take our time and make sure that everything is exactly the way we want it to be before the album is ready to be release. We’re pretty sure that “Icebreaker” will be ready for release in the first quarter of 2015. Thank you for being patience. Thanks for all the kind messages and the support. It’s been a great year for us making this album and we can’t wait for the day when you all can listen to it, Merry Christmas!

By the way, the new merch have arrived and they look awesome! More info about buying them soon!


Recording of “Icebreaker” update #3

Finally all vocals are done! Everything went well and the songs sounds awesome, the final steps of the recording will be things that will “add a little extra” to the tracks like trumpets, samplings, extra guitars and synth. After that is done we’ll start with the mixing process! Always fun to see everything falling into place, this is exiting time indeed. We’ll do our best to release the album as soon as possible but we can’t do it unless we are 100% satisfied with everything so thanks for being patience. Here are some pics from the recording of vocals. Stay tuned and like/follow us on Facebook & Instagram for pics and vids from the recording of Icebreaker and more!

Recording of “Icebreaker” update #2

We are now almost done with the guitars! Pierre will finish all his guitars next week.  Andreas and Marcus will record all of their guitars in the weeks to come. Everything sounds great and we can’t wait for you to hear the songs!  We also know alot of you are wondering how to buy our album (CDs and merch), we are currently trying to finish the shop section on our website so be patient, soon you will be able to buy all our music and merch on this site. This will be epic, stay tuned and have a great summer!

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Recording of “Icebreaker” update #1

Everything went great on the past weekend, we recorded all drums, bass and some percussions. We will In a couple of weeks start the recording of guitars! So stay tuned for more updates, here are some pics from the recording sessions!

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Final recording of Icebreaker

This is where we will spend the weekend recording on our new album Icebreaker! A lovely place near the ocean in a small Swedish town called Hörvik. Stay tuned for more updates!

FDS + EF Ikväll!

FDS + EF på Deluxe ikväll! Vill ni inte missa FDS så var på Kafé Deluxe lite innan kl. 22.00!